1. What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is an innovative I/O technology(Any program, operation or device that transfers data to or from a computer and to or from a peripheral device) developed by Intel. Thunderbolt supports high-resolution monitors and high-performance data-transfer devices through what looks like a Mini-Display port. Thunderbolt has set the new standard for lightning speed, usefulness, and ease of use. Thunderbolt I/O technology gives you two lines on the same port each with 10 Gbps of data in both directions.

2. What is Thunderbolt 2?

Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 have a similar connector. Thunderbolt 2 gives you more speed (up to 20 Gbps).

3. Is my computer, display, interface, or cable Thunderbolt compatible?

This is the Thunderbolt port below

The port is physically the same as a Mini-Display port. Check for the symbol below to confirm that you have a Thunderbolt port on your device.