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RME Fireface 800 FireWire Audio Interface



The Fireface 800 is the world’s most powerful FireWire audio interface ever. Up to 56 channels record/playback, up to 192 kHz sample rate, and true FireWire 800 sum up to an unsurpassed high-end, high performance and high speed FireWire audio interface.

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RME is known for their impressive audio technology, so a system that is considered to be the brand’s most powerful interface yet is sure to be impressive! The RME Fireface 800 FireWire Audio Interface lives up to its promises providing you with virtually everything you could wish for in a high-end audio interface. The unit provides 56 channels at an incredible 192 kHertz sample rate and completely revolutionized FireWire interfaces when it hit the market. Used by pros and home studio gurus alike, the system has eight analog inputs and eight analog outputs, all of which can be controlled and customized with the included software.