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RME Audio MADI-USB MadiFace USB 24 Bit/192 kHz 128 Ch. Interface Breakout Box



The compact MADIface USB provides MADI I/O over USB 2.0 while supporting the format’s full 64 channels for recording and playback, under Mac and Windows. Both inputs can be used for full redundancy operation.

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The RME Audio MADI-USB MadiFace USB 24 Bit/192 kHz 128 Channel Interface Breakout Box is a truly impressive unit that provides an incredible 128 channels when used along with a computer. Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, the interface opens up a whole new set of mixing possibilities, including TotalMix FX that provides unlimited routing capabilities. Even without a computer connection, the MADI-USB MadiFace from RME is impressive and can draw power from any wall-mounted USB hub. At no extra charge, the interface includes DIGICheck, a measurement, test and analysis tool, increasing the value of the system.