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Rane SL4 4-Deck Interface for Serato Scratch Live



The SL?4 connects four vinyl turntables or CD players to your computer and the mixer of your choice. Using special control vinyl, CDs or MIDI controllers, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac or Windows computer’s CD or hard drive.

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Why limit yourself when it comes time for you to wow the crowd? With the Rane SL4 4-Deck Interface for Serato Scratch Live, you can unleash your creativity and innovate in ways you never dreamed imaginable. This device makes it possible to connect up to four CD players or classic vinyl turntables to your mixer and computer, and it’s fully compatible with both Mac or Windows. With a control vinyl, MIDI controllers or CDs, you can easily integrate files stored locally or on your hard drive. This interface is the first standalone dual USB-port device of its kind and comes with a 7.5-volt external power supply.