MOTU™ Ready To Capture The Playback Market With Their HDX-SDI

MOTO Inc is the new gun in town in the capture and playback market for video. Lets take a look at the new Thunderbolt HDX-SDI.


The video hardware industry tends toward the industry standard brands in BlackMagic Design, AJA Video Systems and Matrox Digital Video Solutions. They all make good products, but tend to shut out new companies in the market.

We took a long look at the HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt. How I couldn’t help but notice Motu had an audio unit won a “Most Badass Interface” award.

The HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt is a 19 inch rackmount capture and playback device that is very similar to their existing HDX-SDI, but has the blazing speeds of Thunderbolt technology.

The box works with FCPX (obviously playback only) Final Cut Pro 7, Media Composer 6, and Premiere Pro. The HDX-SDI with Thundrbolt supports all standard SD and HD video formats up to and including 1080p30 (720p, 1080i, 1080p & 1080PsF).

Hopefully the video software component of the box will be developed to turn this in to a very versatile tool. I love it!!