Motu™ Captures Lightning In A Bottle With Thunderbolt™

Slowly but surely audio interfaces have been getting a lot better. Talk to the manufacturers who make them, and they can tell you the biz even in terms of individual components.

Next, they’re about to get even smarter.

That means it is worth paying attention as industry heavyweight MOTU unveiled 3 new supreme pieces of technology. Compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and 2 and USB2.

With Thunderbolt now the industry standard audio interface manufacturers are looking to see what they can evolve. MOTU have come up with some interesting new features in their 1248, 8M, and 16A models.

The first Thunderbolt audio interfaces to also be AVB (Audio Video Bridging) standardized. You can connect a range of these interfaces and other AVB compatible devices via ethernet creating an easily customizable high speed network of audio visual hardware. This can be utilized in a wide range of different applications. You can even control these interfaces via a web app from any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the AVB network!

The MOTU 1248 is the flagship model for the AVB line. With 4 XLR microphone inputs, 8 line inputs, and 8 line outs available in a single rack unit this is already a powerful system. This unit also has stereo main outs, stereo monitor outs, S/PDIF, and optical connections making this an incredible hub for your studio.

The MOTU 8M is there for those that require more XLR connections than what the 1248 offers. With 8 XLR/Line/Instrument combo jacks and 8 line output jacks this interface is perfect for the studio without any external microphone preamps.

The MOTU 16A has an incredible 16 line inputs and outputs. This interface can be used in a range of different ways audio interface, patch bay, or live mixer. With the web app on a smartphone or tablet, or MOTU software on a computer you can control the 16A as if it were a live mixer.

With three game chaning interfaces made with precision and mind blowing quality it can be hard to decide which one do you need. Choose wisely because this will give you complete freedom with your audio interfaces!