Thunderbolt™: The Pro Audio Game Changer


Firewire has long held the crown as the standard for audio interfaces in the recording industry alike. Sure 80MB/s is super faster and you will most likely record crisp audio as long as those involved are knowledgeable of their craft. Ok Thunderbolt its your time to shine. The first Thunderbolt technology to come out was 10 Giga bytes per second. That’s lunacy. All the pro’s know what the future is. The industry is dictating the market by phasing Firewire out and ushering in the future of crisp clean audio with Thunderbolt ports on most new PCs and Macs alike.

Intel released Thunderbolt 2 not long ago. It has double the speed of the first Thunderbolt technology. Thats 20 Gbps. Pack it up firewire and usb, your place with the pros has been usurped by the new technological power house, Thunderbolt 2.

Watch the video posted for a Thunderbolt vs Firewire vs USB. It’s not even fair.

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